GIF photo booth hire is definitely popular, in particular for Perth corporate events. These booths are equiped with a 19″ ring light which are very fashion and modelling go-to light. Everyone looks great in a GIF booth with good lighting.

Our GIF booths are very classic and made out of timber, with a dark stain, so they look very classy yet, equipped with the latest technology and software. We have chosen to use our own custom made GIF booths to keep in line with our branding and Australian Made ethics.

About GIF Photo Booths

The modern photo booth that creates GIFs, boomerangs, JPGs and video. 

These GIF photo booths  are equipped with a 19” ring light which will make everyone look amazing. 

GIF stands for Graphics Interface Format. Which in normal terms is a moving image, a collection of JPGs joined together into a short video file. Typically 15 frames per 3 seconds or 4 frames in 1 second.

Very popular at school socials and balls plus corporate events. Schools love these booths as the students get instant access to the photos via airdrop or email. 

Corporate and promotional events generally want a high measurable social media interaction, so providing a GIF booth is a perfect activation. It’s worth noting that the roaming photo booths are GIF booths but roam around – as the name says it. 

Sample GIF Booth clips