About Booths

What colour are your booths?

We have 2 colours available:

  • Wooden vintage style
  • White front and back, with dark textured sides

What type of photo booth have you got available?

We have 3 types of booths available as at March 2020:

  • Open Air Photo Booths – will print
  • GIF Photo Booths
  • Roaming Photo Booths

What is your minimal hire?

Our minimal hire is 2 hours.

Do you do multi day events?

Yes, we do. This is common with conferences, and we also provide event photography most of the time as well as a combine package.

How far do you travel?

We’re based in Perth, but happy to travel all over Western Australia if required. As an alternative, we could consider posting a booth to you for someone to activate and operate on our behalf.

Are props included in the hire?

Yes, we like to think that our extensive prop and sign collection is extensive and you will have a problem of choosing the right one – or better still have multiple sessions in the booth and have more fun 🙂

Will there be an attendant with the booth ?

Yes, each and every hire has one of our fun and trained staff.

Photo Prints

How many prints can the booth print ?

No limits. As long as people are using the booth, the printer will be printing.

How many photo strips does each session print?

Each session will produce 2 photo strips 2×6″, which are duplicate versions. If purchased and pre-arranged, we can print multiple sets of this as well.

On top of this some of our print options can vary to 6×8″ or 5×3″ paper, so the print count will also vary. We can discuss custom options with your directly.

Web and photo social sharing

Is there a web gallery included in the hire?

Yes, all of our events will include a web gallery for you to either share or download and keep for further usage. This gallery may be locked down under password if you like, in particular if the event is for children under 18.

Can I share photos on social media?

Yes, naturally. We have email facilities available with our open booths.

GIF booths have airdrop and email facilities.

We can restrict sharing at under aged events if required.

If requested, we can upload to a predefined facebook page.

Backdrops and Decorations

What are your standard backdrops?

We have 4 standard backdrops available free of charge:

  • Silver
  • Silver Sparkle
  • Gold Sparkle
  • Black Sparkle

Do you have a flower wall ?

Yes, this can be hired as an additional option.