Our Perth based Roaming Photo Booth Hire options can include multiple booths or just 1. Our roamers can also provide a central print service if required.

Any large or even smaller event can utilise a roaming booth where our staff will walk through the crowds and engage with them to get a photo taken. Once a photo is taken, it can then be shared via AirDrop or email. We can also do an auto-upload to a pre-defined facebook page photo album.

Roaming Booth Capture

Our Roamers can capture

  • JPGs – normal images with an overlay
  • GIFs – animated GIFs
  • Boomerangs – moving back and forth fun
  • Videos – for the standard people who want to move

We have the option for data capture from the booths, so if you’re after email or mobile phone capture, we can offer this to you. We need to advise you of Anti Spam laws with this kind of market data capture, so as long as you comply, we’ll be happy to assist.

Green Screen Booths

The roamers can also offer background removal without a Green Screen. This is great if you’d like your logo/brand as the backdrop each time, or a scene of some sort. We can discuss your options in detail and this is addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact us about your Perth Roaming Photo Booth requirements.